Resolution Update 1

It’s been a week and my resolution is as resolved as day one. Resolution one was to quit plastic. This one has been the easier of the two as going one week with little shopping isn’t such a big deal. And the food stores already acquired on our shelves was plenty. But I can see the plastic wrapped food stores dwindling so I spent the week getting myself ready for when later in the month they are gone. First thing I did was scoped out all my local grocery stores. The fresh produce section is pretty much the only place I have to look. Which is ok because that helps with the low carb cutting sugar resolution anyway. I found a local family that sells raw cow and goat milk. Delicious. Bought half a gallon and hope to use it in the coming days to make my own yogurt and possibly butter. That same family also has a butchering business and I bought all their marrow bones for 80cents a pound. I’ve made up my first batch of savory bone broth and it is now my staple breakfast and lunch ingredient. We also have a friend who provides us with eggs. Unrefrigerated farm eggs fresh and shelf stable for weeks. What a travesty that we still think refrigerating eggs is necessary. I also started up two gallons of Kombucha, and spent one afternoon making nut bars. I added 1-1-1 of sunflower, pumpkin and walnuts. I food processed them with a quarter cup of lemon juice added a very small amount of dates and made up a thick batch of chia seeds as the emulsifier. I placed them on racks in puck form and put them in the food dehydrator for 4 hours on 125. At first I was unimpressed, but as the days have gone on I very much enjoy them. Once I get some fresh yogurt it will be a dynamite snack. I also don’t have a good source of grass fed beef or organic chicken that doesn’t come all wrapped up in plastic. So I contacted a Buffalo Farmer in Cle Elum and am on the order for the February slaughter. Good Bye beef hello Bison. He also will save me bones and organ meats. Then I went to the Carniceria in Wenatchee and bought a whole bunch of frozen goat. With this I plan to make a traditional Mongolian dish called a khorkhog, divinity.

This journey so far has left me very inspired to just create a lot of the things myself and to connect with the local food producers in my area. With the right planning and preparation this all is pretty easy. I am getting better at putting together my shopping kit which so far consists of; Reusable shopping bags, some jars, and extra light weight plastic bags that we’ve  accumulated in a cupboard for years. This is probably one of the easiest things society could do is cut out all plastic and paper bags at the check stand, produce isle and bulk section. We’ve started a fine bulk pantry, Goodwill is loaded with great glass storage ware. Plus it gives our kitchen the feel of food nostalgia, its like how grandma’s kitchen might have looked back before packaging, fast food, and tv dinners.  

New Year Resolution

New Year’s Resolutions: For the purpose of accountability I am making my resolution public. I will periodically share my experience and will happily answer any questions you have about it along the way. The inspiration of this year’s resolution came from my latest trip to Australia and New Zealand. After watching a documentary on the plane called “Blue” I was almost brought to tears. When it comes to the woes of the ocean I consider myself much more versed then the general public. I’ve experienced bleached out coral reefs, tumor infested turtles, declining stocks of our most valued NW species, I’ve gone aboard what I can only describe as a slave powered tuna industry, shorelines of beaches completely filled with plastic that originated thousands of miles away, and our destructively blind monetization of natural resources and the order of things… Lets just say it was my final straw and I give myself permission to start being vocal and irate about it. I despise the idea and application of single use plastic and I am fucking tired of knowing and not holding my life to a higher standard for it. Step one of the resolution, rid my life of single use plastic. For the month of January I will not be purchasing anything that comes in plastic. Under a scrutinous eye I’ve made some exceptions to things that contain plastic as part of the purchased good. But I will first research other options. I am diving in deep for the first month and I expect it to be really hard, that’s the point. I’ll leave it at that for now and will share my discoveries and woes along the way.

Second resolution, we are addicted to sugar, simple carbohydrates, and shitty ingredients. We have a hemorrhaging health care system and the only thing our leadership can discuss and the thing people want to debate is who is going to pay for it. We’ve been fed a fucking ridiculous amount of garbage for the last couple generations and there is a massive amount of compiling data that suggests sugar, processed grains, and all the other shit we put into a shelf friendly, convenience  oriented food system is making us sick. The idea that we need a candy bar to feel like our normal selves, red fucking flag. We are addicted and we show every sign in our lives and society that the problem of addiction is just as bad as if it were an addiction to cigarettes, substances, porn…….. Our food system is a really big problem. Step one of resolution, sugar detox for the month of January. Its not gonna kill me and I’ll probably learn a lot along the journey. First three days. Lots of water, low carb vegetables, meat, and nuts…..

She Stands

I had a dream three weeks ago that I’ve been thinking about ever since. 10 years ago I read a book called, “Atlas Shrugged”, by the objectivist and libertarian think tank Ayn Rand. My dream was a conversation in which a question was posed. The question was the hallmark quote from the book. “If you saw Atlas, the giant who holds the world on his shoulders, if you saw that he stood, blood running down his chest, his knees buckling, his arms trembling but still trying to hold the world aloft with the last of his strength, and the greater his effort the heavier the world bore down upon his shoulders - What would you tell him? What…could he do? What would you tell him? --- To shrug.” 10 years ago when I read that book I was thrust in a new direction of thought & perspective - empowered through self interest, responsibility, individuality, and a heightened sense of egotism. Through my college years I gladly played the role in every discussion that defended personal responsibility, self interest, and the grandeur of entrepreneurialism…. But all along the way like the ants at a picnic I met skepticism and resistance. The conviction at which many hold Rand’s ideology has never been an objective foundation at which I have felt stable upon, and over the years of many of my life’s compounding experiences, I’ve watched that foundation chip away. Nothing has been more shaking to Rand’s philosophy and protagonist caricature’s then my learning of ecology and my growing dependency on a healthy relationship with nature and its community. I believe this dream came to me after what has been months of a schizophrenic FB News Feed, a vile overflowing of division, a swamping amount of information too thick to comprehend. At a moment when the state of affairs seem too complex for any person, cabinet, or party to fix, and the stress of the problems we face is both crippling, uniting and dividing. My dream reminded me of nature’s simple solutions to all problems. One that has sustained, maintained and given life for the eons. This dream gave me enough pause in this pandemonium to reflect on how I move forward through this chatter and has directed me how I am to contribute to it. In my dream, the question in Atlas Shrugged was posed,“……what would you tell Atlas?”  and a character not of Ayn Rand’s creation responded, “the world, she stands on her own two feet.”