The Evolution of Common Sense

Keystone XL, small victory yesterday... But the fight is far from over. I got the privilege of watching 2 hours of unorganized, debating senators on CSPAN. "Common Sense", Senator John Hoeven and Senator Mary Landrieu loved using this term. They used it as the backbone of most of their arguments. Common sense; what our policy makers need is "Transcendental Sense" we need people that can rise above the common to make responsible decisions that the common can not sense. We commoner's in America rarely make any sense of anything beyond our own world; we manage our daily outfit, choose how to spend our checks, prepare what food will curb our hunger, what body part needs sculpting, what type of liquid will loosen our nerves, and watch shows generally of people much dumber then ourselves. We partake in our favorite recreations, and hanging with best of friends. This sense of the world is to filtered to be of ration. A lens that is always focused on the selfie never gets to view the panorama. This same common sense always is directed forward as far ahead as a 5 year plan or 30 year mortgage, rarely does it reflect on its past or how its come to be. If we shall base our defense for Keystone development on common sense then I say "Aye", lets create jobs, lets lower gas prices, lets use the world's dirtiest oil to free ourselves from oil imports, lets continue developing drilling technology so we can find even dirtier oil, pave over the Boreal forest, drain our toxins down the Athabasca River, Alberta is a shit province anyway, lets get this economy booming! To all those people who oppose our Keystone project and to the creatures with no voice, GO FUCK YOURSELF and everything you believe, love, harmonize with, enjoy, work free for and use as habitat and home.... The culture you’ve established for over 10,000 years, we will drive our earth moving machines over, the aquifers you use to water your crops, cattle, children, we will poison, you will be forced to work an unfulfilling job in our all consuming economy, your grandchildren will teach you how to exist in their new and ever changing world, your packs and litters will be dispersed and domesticated, the air you soar through will leave a black lining on your lung, the water you breath grows a cancer upon your gill, we will ride through what you find sacred and declare blasphemy to those who do not pledge one nation under our god........................ Policy makers with a transcendental sense might have taken a few moments to ponder our state of affairs, we are on a life boat far out at sea. Beyond the gunwales are millions of miles of empty space, no islands planets or stars to swim to. We have been given everything we need to thrive, our lifeboat is driven by a spirit, magic, life, your god, his god, my god….. the leaves fall but come back, the salmon always return, the sun rises and sets, it nourishes us and we nourish it. In the last 200 years of a some 50,000 year old human experience we've chiseled out of mountains a dominant culture that runs on what we thought was the fountain of youth- Oil. We will paddle harder, faster, drill baby drill, we will make it WORK! But what we fail to sense is that the short oil reign will be like the snowflake that melts on the tip of your nose or the streaking of a star across an endless night sky. Our future generations late to the party might just come to discover the life raft we’ve left them no longer floats....... Common sense, Please! Set your standards higher.