Resolution Update 1

It’s been a week and my resolution is as resolved as day one. Resolution one was to quit plastic. This one has been the easier of the two as going one week with little shopping isn’t such a big deal. And the food stores already acquired on our shelves was plenty. But I can see the plastic wrapped food stores dwindling so I spent the week getting myself ready for when later in the month they are gone. First thing I did was scoped out all my local grocery stores. The fresh produce section is pretty much the only place I have to look. Which is ok because that helps with the low carb cutting sugar resolution anyway. I found a local family that sells raw cow and goat milk. Delicious. Bought half a gallon and hope to use it in the coming days to make my own yogurt and possibly butter. That same family also has a butchering business and I bought all their marrow bones for 80cents a pound. I’ve made up my first batch of savory bone broth and it is now my staple breakfast and lunch ingredient. We also have a friend who provides us with eggs. Unrefrigerated farm eggs fresh and shelf stable for weeks. What a travesty that we still think refrigerating eggs is necessary. I also started up two gallons of Kombucha, and spent one afternoon making nut bars. I added 1-1-1 of sunflower, pumpkin and walnuts. I food processed them with a quarter cup of lemon juice added a very small amount of dates and made up a thick batch of chia seeds as the emulsifier. I placed them on racks in puck form and put them in the food dehydrator for 4 hours on 125. At first I was unimpressed, but as the days have gone on I very much enjoy them. Once I get some fresh yogurt it will be a dynamite snack. I also don’t have a good source of grass fed beef or organic chicken that doesn’t come all wrapped up in plastic. So I contacted a Buffalo Farmer in Cle Elum and am on the order for the February slaughter. Good Bye beef hello Bison. He also will save me bones and organ meats. Then I went to the Carniceria in Wenatchee and bought a whole bunch of frozen goat. With this I plan to make a traditional Mongolian dish called a khorkhog, divinity.

This journey so far has left me very inspired to just create a lot of the things myself and to connect with the local food producers in my area. With the right planning and preparation this all is pretty easy. I am getting better at putting together my shopping kit which so far consists of; Reusable shopping bags, some jars, and extra light weight plastic bags that we’ve  accumulated in a cupboard for years. This is probably one of the easiest things society could do is cut out all plastic and paper bags at the check stand, produce isle and bulk section. We’ve started a fine bulk pantry, Goodwill is loaded with great glass storage ware. Plus it gives our kitchen the feel of food nostalgia, its like how grandma’s kitchen might have looked back before packaging, fast food, and tv dinners.