Story Telling

 With listening ears and observing eyes SunTime Films is always attentive for the next story to tell. Wether you have a grand adventure that needs documenting, a story retelling, a truth being brought to light let us know, or a story that will inspire, heal, makes us laugh, cry..... 


Being dive master certified and captain licensed, SunTime Films offers a very unique ability to work both topside and underwater. We always love a good cruise with a fresh breeze.


A presence on youtube and vimeo are essential these days. Let us help you embed your companies story into your website, or share it with your followers on Facebook.

Crowd Funding

Do you have that next big idea that will change the world? We all do, but unfortunately most of us can't afford it. When you start begging for sponsorship and funding you need a clear concise message and no easier way to do so then with and attractive video.

Public Service Announcement

There are all sorts of bad stuff we eat, breath, listen to, inhale, wear, drink, buy, sell........ If you know something we don't, please let us help you share the message.


Are you selling that house, boat, rv, collector set, use a video to show people how they can't live without it.